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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ithin the last decade, more than 60% of printers have played with the idea of diversifying their print

businesses especially into non-print related ventures and sadly; more than 80% of this group have gotten their fingers burnt. In the process, one has seen the total extinct of a promising business venture. This should not be so! In this part one of Wayne Lynn white paper series, we endeavor to give you insight and best guide to survive in today’s chaotic environment. This is an expose’ of practical and strategic guidelines to survive and thrive. Turn to page 24 and know how in our COVER STORY titled: SURVIVAL OF SMALL TO MID-SIZED PRINTING COMPANY IN TODAY’S CHAOTIC ENVIRONMENT (1).

Also in this issue, we bring you the post show reports (with picture news) of leading industry exhibitions that took place just within 3 weeks from each other – SIGN AFRICA & AFRICA PRINT 2012 EXPOS from 22nd to 24th August (pages 26 and 30) and PROPAK WEST AFRICA from 4th to 6th September 2012 (pages 31, 34 and 36). We also have our regulars – PRINTERS’ FOOD (page 32) and series of SPECIAL FEATURES and hot industry news.

Until next edition, note that leaders in business are accountable to effectively and efficiently deal with the external world, attract and retain top talent, and deliver bottom line results to all stakeholders. Don’t get caught up in this chaotic environment!

See you next edition.

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