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Family is the foundation for civilization and sanctuary. It is where we learn the social graces of loyalty, cooperation and trust. And it is where we experience our biggest triumphs and deepest vulnerabilities; they are also where we are likely to receive our greatest potential to succeed. This is the first thing WHERE To Print Team observed while surfing the FaceBook page of Mr. Sunnywise Adeleye – the Managing Director/ CEO of Wyston International Limited (trading as QPS in the printing industry but popularly known as Sunnywise) is his love and dedication to his family.

‘Godfather’ as he is fondly called by friends is married to his heartthrob - Damilola Adeleye and they are blessed with two children - Daniel Oriola Adeleye and Esther Ibukun Adeleye who made up the “Great family” clan. Again, his undying love for his wife was also demonstrated when he posted on his timeline Happy birthday to my virtuous wife whose price is far above rubies, you shall excel and your children shall call you blessed among other women. May Prov. 31 vs. 11-31 be fulfilled in your life, HBD Ola-mi”, which instantaneously generated numerous comments.

Not only that he was found on numerous occasions with post of his family which generates numerous comments like: “Sunnywise, this is cool! Great family! Greetings to all!” and “....... but joke apart, your wife fine pass you.....” and in another similar post a friend jokingly commented:Long time no see. Are you now in America or the photographer is American trained?”

RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD Apart from being a tight-scheduled business man like every other print practitioner, Godfather never cease to evangelize the gospel of Jesus Christ as characterized on his timeline. He is a member of Living Faith Church and he demonstrates his faith with quotes and pictures preaching the good news of Christ which can be seen continuously on his page.


WHERE To Print investigation into the OTHER SIDE of Mr. Adeleye reveals his educational background which forms his early education at Ijebu Ode Grammar School, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State before proceeding to Ogun State Polytechnic, Abeokuta for his higher education. The Port-Harcourt based Print guru eagerness and unquenchable thirst for knowledge has led to his exposure to latest print innovations through exhibitions and training programmes all over the world. He has also attended the biggest and best printing exhibitions in the world – drupa (the Olympic of printing) in his quest for knowledge. This made one of his friends posted on FaceBook: “E ku igbadun DRUPA.”



His humorous character couple with his excellent fashion dress-sense of both English and native attires has been a source of joy and delight to friends and those in contact with him. On his dressing, a friend commented: They have not seeing anything yet, we just dey start, Calvin Klein go soon waka come bring suit for us by himself”.

ONLINE PRESENCE/ KEEPING IN TOUCH WITH FRIENDS Godfather can be described as an active social network user. This was attested to when a friend posted this on his timeline during his birthday celebrated every June 9th: “A very big happy birthday to Oga sunny wise we popularly call him Godfather. Words are not enough to describe this gentle man of God. He is a pillar of support to all his friends. Godfather always wants to contribute positively to the life of his friends. Godfather is a comedian; making people laugh. He wants to see people happy in his own little way. In fact he was MC at our wedding 11 years ago. No dull moments with Oga wise. Well you are another year older and you haven’t changed a bit; that’s great because you are perfect just the way you are…” Another friend posted: “Happy birthday to a man with a great heart. A man who is always ready to hear and listen. A man who is always ready to lay a hand or word when you need one from him a man who has always been there for my family I knew you and ur family before I married my hubby till date you have always shown concern. On this best day of yours I and my family join ur wife and kids to wish you a happy birthday many more years of glorious exploits in business, family, life and in all you lay your hands. You shall never know a better yesterday in this new age. Age with grace sir in Jesus Name (Amen)”.



Investigation into the OTHER SIDE of Mr. Sunnywise also reveals his patriotism as a Nigerian citizen. His timeline which is characterized with shared videos and pictures disclosed his desire for better governance and sustainable development for the nation. He never fails to exercise his duty as a Nigerian citizen nor feel intimidated to support the country both home and abroad.

FAVOURITE QUOTE Apparently, one of the driving forces behind his level of achievement and perspective about life which makes him stand out among his peers is his strong belief in his FaceBook favorite quote which is: "WHEN EVER THERE IS A WILL THERE MUST BE A WAY".



Obviously, Mr. Sunnywise Adeleye is an affable personality. Apart from his print business world, revelation into his OTHER SIDE unveils a man who is passionate about his family; development of his country and his utmost desire to render helping hand to whoever is in need. When asked by FaceBook about himself he wrote: I’m an easy going person, highly sociable with friends and well-wishers cutting across the globe” and we couldn’t agree less with him.

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