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With professional skills in Corporate merger, Corporate restructuring, Corporate takeover,  Shareholder value, Stakeholder management and other law related matters, Afkar Printing and Publishing Company Limited Deputy Managing Director – Dr. (Mrs) Florence Adesola Falaiye is a woman worthy of emulation in the printing industry in Nigeria. Not giving to frivolities and mediocrity especially during work and business settings Dr. Falaiye has no doubt carved a niche for herself for being well groomed which has impacted positively on her personality, work and family. We therefore reveal her other sides that have caught our attention to make her the focus of this edition - WHERE To Print - OTHER SIDE OF PRINT. We do hope you learn from the enigma called Dr. (Mrs) Florence Adesola Falaiye.2 UPBRINGING The first thing that strike us during investigation of Dr. (Mrs) Florence Adesola Falaiye profile on her FaceBook page is an uncompromising and pure heart of gratitude especially to those that God used in bringing her to this world – her parents. While both parents seemed okay and thankful to God that one of God’s Heritage in their care was successful, Dr. Falaiye went a step further by posting these messages to commend, congratulate and pray for her parents. This she inscribed on her father; “Thanks sir. You are the best father anyone could wish for! The values you imbibed in me (us) form the basis of my everyday living. I will keep on upholding your lessons on hardwork and honesty. Congratulations on the success you've achieved on me so far. E ma jeun omo l'oruko Jesu. Amen”. And to her mum, she further prayed, My dear mother, I celebrate you today. You are a true definition of beauty, elegance, virtuous, simplicity, perseverance, resilience and patience. You are a good example to other mothers. I congratulate you on what God has done, is doing and will do through you and in you. May your ride in life be smooth and sweet and may you live very, very long in good health, peace and joy to enjoy the fruits of your labour. E ma jeun omo pe l'Oruko Jesu. Your husband celebrates you, your children celebrate you, your grandchildren celebrate you, and your in-laws celebrate you. Congrats my dear mother. Eye Desola! Mama Sola!” ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE According to her FaceBook Timeline, in 2010 Dr. (Mrs) Florence Adesola Falaiye started school at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) even after just one year of marriage. She studied Corporate Takeovers and graduated in 2015. She tenaciously pursued her doctorate programme at the same university that culminated in her being awarded a Ph.D in Commercial Law. One of the firsts in her class! Here’s an inspirational message by one of her siblings on this achievement: A big congratulations to my beautiful sister - Dr (Mrs) Florence Falaiye on her Ph.D (Commercial Law) thanksgiving today. I appreciate the goodness of God in your life. You have indeed done the family proud. Well done aburo! With humility she replied: Sis mi. Baba God no ni. And we have just started ni in Jesus name. PARTY One past-time that you cannot take away from Dr. (Mrs) Florence Adesola Falaiye is merry making – especially joyful family celebration. She comes as a typical Yoruba woman that knows how to work and play hard through felicitation with families and friends even colleagues in the industry and co-workers. Her sense of fashion and taste is also a reference point as she is variously noted on her FaceBook page for her fashion sense and likes on such concepts as this comment: Dr. (Mrs.) Florence Adesola Falaiye rocking a Viankara concepts' princess Letizia fascinator. ONLINE PRESENCE – IN TOUCH WITH FRIENDS AND FOR MEDICINAL  Staying in touch with family and friends can be daunting tasks for the ever busy DMD, but Dr. Falaiye always make sure that her closeness with these important set of people in her life is not affected negatively – that is why her social media presence is used to stay close to them and even for prescription of medicals. For instance, Dr. Falaiye posted to a friend inter alia: Miss u and love u darling mi. I am down wt malaria o, but coping. I get gist for u o. I'll call u later. Hugs. And some of her friends replied thus: Take a lot. Of fruit and water and have a good rest. One also noted: It is well with u. I recovered a couple of weeks ago. I tink it is a weather thing. Take gd care of u n try take a rest. She finally commented that: Thanks sir. I am trying wt d fruits and water but may God help me wt d rest. Favorite Quote Apparently one of her motivating factors is this quote: “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it is forced to achieve... if you can think it, you can do it”, - no wonder her level of success in both public and personal life is a model for emulation. In submission, as we celebrate Dr. (Mrs.) Florence Adesola Falaiye as she marks her birthday this month (specifically 30th of October 2016), we cannot agree less with one of her admirers who posted thus: Hey Adesola! Congratulations. May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to endow you with wisdom, knowledge in good health to enable you continue to contribute positively to humanity. We go wash am oo! 1-1 rocking-a-viankara during-church-family-thanksgiving cutting-cake-with-hubby 1-4 1-5 1-8 1-9 1-11 1-13 1-14 1-15 1-16 1-17 1-19 1-20 1-21 1-22 1-23 1-24 1-27 1-28 1-29 1-30 1-31 1-32 1-33 1-34 1-45 1-42 1-41 1-40 1-38 1-36 1-46 1-47 1-54 1-55 1-56 1-49 1-57 1-61 1-52 1-53 1-65 1-77 1-78 1-80 1-88 1-92

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