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Jokingly called ‘The Jagunmolu of AGFA’ by one of his FaceBook friends, we presents you one of industry’s youngest, yet impactful leaders who has carved a niche for himself in pre-press engineering and servicing - Mr. Akin Oduwole, Technology Global Services Limited MD/ CEO. Mother-nature had prepared him for leadership position early in life as WHERE To Print - OTHER SIDE OF PRINT reveals that TG CEO stepped into authority at a tender age – taking care of his siblings early in life by providence with loss of his parents. Apart from selling, installing and servicing commercial, newspaper pre-press and inkjet equipments as well as other digital labeling and direct to garment printing machines from some of world’s best and most desirable print equipment manufacturers like AGFA, Kornit and Xeikon, WHERE To Print - OTHER SIDE OF PRINT herewith presents you Technology Global Services Limited boss other passions. ONLINE PRESENCE Aside being a frequent traveller especially on business and other industry related events around the world, the other side of TG boss is his reputation for being an hyper active online user. Just check the name – Akin Oduwole and you won’t be surprised to see him on FaceBook; link him on LinkedIn; twit him on Twitter; chat with him on WhatsApp, with regular Comment & Share online! Mr. Akin Oduwole is one of the most up-to-date print professionals in the country. Though running a technology inclined business, his business philosophy recognises the importance of technologies that drive business to success. This aptly captioned one of his online posts thus: ‘Any business that doesn't deploy technology will be gone in no time’. JOKES & GOOD FOOD - EVEN AT WORK To get the best of Mr. Oduwole; have an handful of jokes and food on the table; then you’re game! He bonds with his staff like fishes and water. If one is not mistaken, he can easily be mistaken as a normal staff in his firm just as he relates and bond with his colleagues like his own immediate family. When they close for the day, you could literarily see them always in an atmosphere of relaxation - joking away their time with good food and drinks. The best time to notice this is just after 17 hours or during time off from work. This is the more reason, his endless surprises of joviality cum work-ethics has endeared him not only to his staff but others that come in contact with him, SUPERBIKE One great spot that Akin cannot do without is Biking. WHERE To Print - OTHER SIDE OF PRINT gathered that TG boss is a committed motorcycling and super-bike enthusiast. Mr. Oduwole is part of ‘young’ men and women from different parts of the country who are bounded together by their passion for riding what is generally considered a risky pastime or sport. While others believe superbikers (as they are fondly called) are irresponsible and reckless WHERE To Print - OTHER SIDE OF PRINT finds out that with the composition of these great sport enthusiasts, one discovers they are men and women of real character. People with purity of conscience, morals and purpose, who could uphold tasking values and standards – thus summing up some of the core values of the subject of our feature this edition. SIBLINGS Noted that Mr. Oduwole mounted leadership position at young age especially by taking care of his siblings, one inspiring thing he did ‘OUT OF PRINT’ was to ensure his younger brother – Gbolahan started his own family. He not only ensured he got the best education he deserved but was also gainfully employed and married to start his own family. Mr. Oduwole sums up this piece with a note to his younger brother on his accomplishment:”My beloved son in whom I am well pleased. Our mum left you for me when I was 21. You never disobeyed; you never stole the car for party runs......you have always been a good lad so I confidently married you off. You sure will succeed. Your wife is definitely lucky. Congratulations my home boy gbovo”.Jeremy Noval of Agfa, Akin Oduwole of Technology Global and Stefan Boeren of Xeikon (from left to right) 26 As I got out this morning, Santa comes visiting. He says to wish you all a Merry Xmas and Prosperous 2016 Any business that doesn't deploy technology will be gone in no time Akin with guitar 53 48 45 40 39 38 37 37 Olympic stadium 33 32 31 27 24 22 17 16 13 9 7 6 ...with oyinbo Thibault Dejaiffe at Sheraton Lagos Hotel ...with AGFA Thibault Dejaiffe and Townsway - Oluwadare Victor ...my friend and I at Agfa Inkjet Open House 2015 - with Jeremy Noval The sunny side of life - in Antwerp, Belgium Sheik El- Akin Abdul Oduwole! Ready to Go! Bless my hustle #Bossman #Drupa2016 Bikers again 50 49 44 42 1 ...with some of his staff on his bike ...with his pet Good roads go well with good bikes #LagosToDubaiToAbuDhabiMadeEasy – in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Bikers 18 ...Akin's dearest mum Akin's younger brother - Gbolahan with his wife 36

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