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on-setportionconsult_logoA brand expert of international repute, analyst with a rich resume’ and clientele that never drops, public relations guru and a motivational speaker, Mr. Lanre Akintilo sits atop Portion Consult LTD - a brand support service that seeks to offer professional and cost effective services in Advertising, Public Relations and Printing. Mr. Lanre Akintilo is a familiar face in the Nigerian Print Industry as his vast knowledge makes him one of the best brains in the industry. His will to continually do more in all sphere of life have accorded him maximum respect from both old and young generation of not only his constituent – Print & Communications – other spheres of human endeavours. His rare personality has earned him a face in the last edition of WHERE To Print - OTHER SIDE OF PRINT this Year 2016. We do hope you can learn and adopt some virtues from this rare gem called Lanre Akintilo for the coming New Year 2017.   SERVICE TO GOD Our first investigative conclusion while surfing the face book page of Mr. Lanre Akintilo is his dedication and total submission to God as was characterized on his timeline. As a devoted Christian, Mr. Akintilo amidst his tight schedule creates time to worship his Maker who he believes is the reason for his existence. Mr. Akintilo also contributes to human development in his church as he serves as mentor to the youths. One youth learning at his feet inscribed on him: “My mentor Lanre Akintilo in a deep worship with God as Minister Kanu lead the youth service in an intense worship. Olorun ti oda awon oke nigbani eyin ni mo fi opes mi fun.....Reloaded edition coming up soon!”announcement221769_1694780852147_6275678_n   UPBRINGING Mr. Lanre Akintilo is a typical Yoruba man who hails from Ile-Ife, Osun State, South West Nigeria. As a Yoruba man, he was taught morals of living by his parent which he also passed on to his own kids. As a Father who wants the best for his children, he tries as much as possible to instill discipline and good morals as he was taught by his own father. This he showed when he posted a status on his timeline on his son’s birthday. OFFICIALLY A TEENAGER AND LESSONS FROM MY FATHER. Today, 3rd April my son turned a teenager. I got up from sleep reluctantly as he and his sister locked horns again over a bitter feud that only disturbed my sleep and was making me uncomfortable. Their usual altercation was becoming too rampant. The sister was too sharp-mouthed and my son aka 'Olori-Ebi' will not be outdone so he resorts to hitting her when he can't return her hot douses of insults any longer. I have tried often to explain the constant need for mutual tolerance especially to my son, the need for him to always restrain himself and take care of his sister. Today, however, just as I walked into the living room where both were exchanging hot words, I saw 'Olori-Ebi' slap her to keep quiet!


I was not happy and ordinarily I would have retaliated by beating him but no, I chose to teach him two lessons from my father. Lessons I believe will stay with him for the rest of his life, lessons my father taught me while growing up. I remember vividly many years ago, I think I was in Form 2 (JSS 2) just there about my son's age. I reported the sight of a man beating his wife on the street to my father and he then sat me down to tell me these lessons.   LESSON 1: A real man does not raise his hands against a female gender. Only a FOOL does! I took my time to explain to him who a fool is and what makes such people foolish. LESSON 2: Only a FOOL expresses his anger with violence! I made him understand hitting people only shows you as not having control of yourself. He must be in control of himself always! Over the years, I have lived by these lessons and I am more than glad I have been able to teach same to my son especially on his 13th birthday. First, I asked him to apologize to his sister, an act he humbly did. I then called him to my bedroom where I sat him down and said "look into my eyes", stop acting like a fool, learn these lessons and make me proud. He nodded and I know he was now sorry for his silly behavior and had clearly understood 'The lessons from my father'. The whole family then sang for him and we prayed wishing him a happy birthday and prosperous years ahead. Please join me in wishing him the same.”


EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE WHERE To Print investigation into the OTHER SIDE of Mr. Akintilo showed us his consistent thirst for knowledge and his vast experience on management in both the private and public sector. Mr. Akintilo finished his college education at the Cherubim and Seraphim College, Sabo Oke, Ilorin, Kwara state. Then he proceeded to the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife for his Bachelors Degree. This is what his profile looks like on his company’s website: “He is a graduate of Graphic Art from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. He has over 13 years experience in advertising starting with Eminent Communications where he worked on brands such as Cowbell, Onga Seasoning, Ginsomin, Citizens Bank, Teezers, STACO Insurance, LASTMA and Valeta. He developed a special interest in political communications & advertising and successfully managed the 2003 campaign of former Governor Bola Tinubu of Lagos State and Governor Segun Agagu of Ondo State among others.  where-to-print Lanre has also gained considerable project management experience whilst working on World Bank Funded Programmes (LAMATA) for four years as Consultant and LMDGP. He has experience of managing public sector organizations and of undertaking business development activities on behalf of private sector companies. He is the CEO of Portion Consult. Lanre is a registered advertising practitioner.”   ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP Lanre Akintilo is a strong member of forward driven and purposeful associations and institutions. These are Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), Advertising Practitioner Council of Nigeria (APCON), and recently he was made the President of Rotary Club, Gbagada. For this, he received lots of congratulatory messages for this new task on both his FaceBook page and even notable media houses. A friend posted thus: “Egbon wa. where-to-print-jpg1 5 7 15a 23 65540_1491479609743_7181193_n 179804_1587224043294_2465172_n 183440_1587233603533_4792_nCongratulations on your investiture as the Rotary President ((Gbagada). May your tenure be impactful and rewarding for you. Please accept my apology for my unavoidable absence” Another friend joked about his investiture: “See this small boy wey me and am go primary school don dey comot white bia bia! U don dey old o! Good one Lanre!” 1a 25 28 cc   WIDELY TRAVELLED No doubt, Akintilo is a widely travelled communication expert especially to conferences, exhibitions and other events that not only boosts his mental alacrity but most especially to those that will contribute to his business and other humanitarian passions. As he puts it in one of his posts on FaceBook: I dey try o. I took this pix at the Martin Luther King Jr. Centre in down town Atlanta at-the-martin-luther-king-jr  ONLINE PRESENCE With over 2000 friends on FaceBook and professional presence on LinkedIn, Mr. Lanre Akintilo is considered a social network person. His presence on social network can be seen when he shares comical pictures on his timeline or the massive picture or status tags he gets. His birthday which was on the 29th of September saw streams of congratulatory messages on his timeline. Some of which reads; “Happy birthday to a brother, friend, confidant and co-labourer. He is a jolly good fellow with an uncommon can-do spirit. Here is wishing Lanre Akintilo a very happy birthday and many happy returns” Another one says, “You will see more of 29/9/16. In the name of Jesus.”   FAVOURITE QUOTE The level of success accrued by Mr. Lanre Akintilo can be traced to his favorite quote which we believe is his driving force in breaking odd grounds. His favorite quote according to his FaceBook profile is “Keep Thinking win, win” he believes what the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it is forced to achieve. If you can think win, then you can win. He is also a preacher of not relying on past glories or resting on ones oars. Lanre says; “Keep them in the past and strive to break new frontier”.

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