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Quintessential design and print expert, Mr. Gideon Eloho – MD/ CEO of Chromewaters Limited is best described as energetic, passionate risk-taker with undying love for knowledge on all things related to print innovations and entrepreneurship. Starting out from the lowest of all levels, Mr. Eloho is today one of the youngest print entrepreneurs revolutionizing print businesses in and around the nation’s capital – Abuja – Nigeria. His entrepreneurial success in print business especially in spear-heading innovations is glaring for all to see. This is the more reason WHERE To Print – OTHER SIDE OF PRINT sought to dig deep into his cupboard to see if we could find his other passions; in ethics, relationships and family that we can learn from. We herewith present you Don Giddy Giddy.  


Family is divine in nature as God designs it as the fundamental building block of society; both on earth and through eternity. As such, it becomes the foundation for civilization and a sanctuary. It is where we learn the social graces of loyalty, cooperation, and trust. It is where we learn to love ourselves and each other; to bear one another’s burdens; to find meaning in our life and to give purpose to others’ lives; and to feel the value of being part of something greater than ourselves.

As families are where we experience our biggest triumphs and deepest vulnerabilities, they are also where we are likely to receive our greatest potentials to succeed. It’s not surprising to find out that Mr. Gideon Eloho has a remarkable love and dedication to his family. Don Giddy Giddy as he is fondly called by friends on his Facebook page is married to his heartthrob - Eloho Ann Egbe for over 16 years and blessed with a boy and two girls who according to Mr. Gideon are his empire. He confirms this in a post on his Facebook: “These are my pride....where my Empire starts from. Wondering why I wasn't here? I was actually the photographer”  

Instantaneously, a friend commented: I didn't wonder, that's why they are your pride. You paid the price not to be in the picture - to snap the picture. More Grace and strength bro; God bless you and your family.” While another friend commented: “To a lovely family with all the manifestations of greatness, your case is different. You shall all be celebrated, IJN”  

Another demonstration of his total commitment to his family was during an unannounced visit to his children school and he posted a picture with inscribed words of: “Paid an unannounced visit to these guys this morning. Discovered they are doing great. So happy to have them”. This influenced numerous comments like:” What a unique home to behold! I'm jealous. lol. May God continue to keep you and your family from the hands of the fowlers.” andThe future leaders in the making. May the good Lord continue to keep them. They shall grow in wisdom and understanding in the order of Jesus Christ of Nazareth”.  

Gideon Eloho’s over 16 years marriage to Ann has been from grace to grace which he is so thankful to God for. While showing his gratitude to God albeit online, he posts: “It's been 16 solid good years ever since we embark on this journey. God's Grace & Love has sustained this union; even when the storm came - we stood together to withstand it. Father in Heaven, we are grateful. It also coincided with my younger sister's wedding where I walked her down the aisle to the alter at Living Faith Church, Warri, standing as the father“. This status update generated comments from friends and well-wishers one of which states: “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Eloho. The Lord will grant you many more years together and we will celebrate with you.”


Apart from being a tight-scheduled business-man, Mr. Eloho still finds time to have a close relationship with his Maker as he never misses church programs even during the week aside being a propagator of the gospel of Christ. As a member of the Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel, Mr. Eloho preaches the gospel of Christ to the unsaved to be saved according to him. One of such instance was when he went to his Facebook page and posted a picture of himself during evangelism and he wrote: “This morning at mountain village (A suburb behind Garki) during Evangelism, Wonder Double III. It pays to serve God - Matt. 6:33”. And a friend jokingly commented “Have you tried some of those mountain villages in Bornu???”



WHERE To Print investigation into the OTHER SIDE of Mr. Gideon Eloho showed us is unquenchable thirst for knowledge considering his vast experience in Fine and Industrial Art as well as Printing having finished college education from Jibril Martins Memorial Grammar School, Lagos in 1988 to then proceeded to University of Uyo, for his B.sc in Fine and Industrial Art in 1999.

His eagerness to acquire more knowledge and exposure to latest print innovations saw him attended various print an allied exhibitions around the world such as FESPA, DRUPA, GRAPH EXPO, amongst others. During one of his quest for knowledge and maximum exposure at a print exhibition, he posted a picture on his Facebook page with inscription that says; It's only at DRUPA you can discover functional printing ideas of tomorrow - if you get to know the best of today's crop”.



Mr. Eloho is an active social network user as his presence on social media can be instantly seen with (his) posts of status updates, videos and pictures which are mostly of his family or at events around the world. His pictures and status are characterized with multiple numbers of likes and comments. During his birthday which is celebrated every May 20, he posted an update which read: “I looked back twenty, fifteen & ten years ago & remembered how visible the hand of God has been in my life and that of my family; the only thing I could say is THANK YOU Jesus. Because if there's anything or opportunity I’ve lost at all on this journey, God is the reason why I’ve not lost ALL.”


And he received congratulatory messages like Jesus will make Ur blessings whole for giving thanks my bros, enjoy! THE LORD IS ON UR SIDE, THOSE WHO ARE AGAINST U ARE ON THE LOOSING SIDE........happy birth day!”  

As an exceptional character who not only keeps in touch with friends nor forgets those that brought out the best in him, he – for instance - keeps in touch with his alma mater at all times. He posted an update on his timeline during one of his visit to his alma mater that read: “A great Re-union with my Masters, my memoirs will not be complete without you, I salute you sirs.”  And a friend commentedWonderful memorabilia indeed. Looking forward to another greater moments! Best regards and compliments from Uyo Arts School!!!’  


If there is anything synonymous with Mr. Eloho, it is definitely his active participation in the polity as a Nigerian citizen. He never fails to exercise his duty as a Nigerian nor feel shy to support the country both home and abroad. An instance was when he posted on his timeline a picture of him holding his voters card with writing that says:I did this four years ago and the result was GOODLUCK, I'm doing it again and already I'm seeing GOODLUCK, isn't God awesome?” a friend jokingly commented: Hmmmm. I pray so......!”  

As a proud south-south indigene from Delta State, Mr. Eloho can be seen on numerous occasions rocking his native attire on his Facebook page which comments like: “Up south south...!”



WHERE To Print investigation into the OTHER SIDE of the honest, dedicated and hardworking Gideon Eloho reveals that he practically believes success is not the amount of material wealth acquired but the well-being of your state of health. That is why one of his best hobbies is reading where he gets his favourite quote from: “Books are the quietest and most constant among friends”. Interestingly, this connotes that print & allied practitioners should take good care of their health by reading books and other literatures not only to acquire knowledge but most importantly to relax after a stressful day job.  

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