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A civil engineer turned print guru and propagator of the gospel of Christ; a motivational speaker whose inspiring teaching has touched and reshaped thousands of lives, Mr. Akindele Feyisetan is the Managing Director of Feyisetan Press LTD – an ultra-modern printing press that offers quality print services for both commercial and publishing markets. His personal conviction that all will be well has given hope to thousands of people who have had one form of contact or the other with him not only as a Pastor at New Covenant Church but also in his secular or social life where he had torched lives of those around him positively. Succinctly put, Mr. Feyisetan distinct personality makes him an albatross in the printing industry especially South West of Nigeria where his printing press is located. His distinct attributes have thus earned him a face in this first edition of 2017 of WHERE To Print - OTHER SIDE OF PRINT. We believe learning a thing or two from this enigma called Akindele Feyisetan will further help re-shape our paths for 2017.
One thing that WHERE To Print observed while surfing the FaceBook page of Mr. Akindele Feyisetan is his remarkable dedication to his Maker. Mr. Feyisetan who is a pastor in New Convenant Church is a devote Christian and a propagator of the gospel of Christ. Understandably, his favourite book is the Bible which he doesn’t hesitate to share his thoughts from quotes in it with his friends on social media such as John 10:10 still on my mind: SATAN CANNOT MULTIPLY; he only steals kills and destroys. JESUS GIVES LIFE: He creates, builds, multiplies, heals, refreshes and purifies.
Akin Feyisetan never cease to charge Christians to win their spiritual wars as he shared on his page On Spiritual Warfare... AN INDIVIDUAL CAN STAND IN THE GAP! The Heavens do respond as any burdened Christian (who) stands in the gap. Every individual believer have authority over the enemy. The enemy can only rise by your permission. Whatever God lays on your heart, you're enough a one-man army with God by the power of the Holy Spirit. Go Ahead’’
A friend of his who appreciates his good work replied Many are God’s children whose works may have touched each other, but may not meet until the last trumpet. Let's just keep the faith with the connecting Lord. If we do not meet here, the greater fellowship is more essential. May God keep us till we share in His eternal communion where all will see each other, know each other by our new names and altogether worship our worthy Lord.”
Mr. Akindele Feyisetan is a typical Yoruba man who hails from Oyo State, South West Nigeria. He is married to Folusho Feyisetan with wonderful children and grandchildren. As a good man who holds his family dearly, he’s always proud of his wife and children as portrayed on his social page when he posted a picture of the entire family and inscribed FEYISETANS: Good people, Great Nation”. His timeline received comments like: The Lord will continue to bless and strengthen these great home. His grace will continue to be sufficient upon these home in Jesus name”. Quite inspiring, someone jokingly commented and prayed: “Me sef I join Feyisetan o. May God multiply you more”
On another instance, Mr Feyisetan posted an anniversary picture of him and his wife which also influenced numerous comments like: “Wonderful couple, parents, & grandparents. May you dwell continually in His presence. Keep on flourishing”.
Mr. Akindele is not only a pastor but a motivational speaker who teaches the word of God in a new dimension that touches the heart of his audience. For example, this he did on his FaceBook page where he told the story of Samson and Delilah. See excerpt below:
“One aspect of Delilah that broke my guard was her food! ‘Delicious’ was an understatement when it comes to her dishes... as soon as she came, my fasting life died! The grace of fasting just dissipated. At 6.00am, she woke me up with a cup of cold juice, then followed with ‘fries’ – it could be fried chicken, fried turkey; fried goat meat; fried fish, fried snails and other bush meat from their country home of Gaza. Her service was another thing! She never delegated my food to house girls, she brought it herself: She never served me standing. She went on her two knees and pulled me by the ear with the pet name she coined for me: “Sam, the Great”... “Great is my Samson”! I also responded with “Del, the Den” My head swells up any time she tickles me with her finger and whispers “Sam, the Great”, but my heart shrinks. Some measure of anointing just drop off my spirit... She perfected my drinking spree, she never rushed me to finish a bottle. She knows how to mix different grill of wine. She served me sip by sip; “sip by sip’, I wouldn’t know when I have finished five bottles. She had all the time. She gave me full time attention! I never begged her for sex. She satisfied me to the full. I was the one who usually begged her to release me. I had no need to go out any more. She was never boring! She changed her dresses like chameleon, with assorted perfumes. As soon as I married Delilah, I was also a full time ‘househusband’. I never went for raids any more. You know before now, despite my backsliding; these were occasions when the Spirit will remind me of my call: and my call was to kill and route out the Philistines from our Father’s land. I will just jump up and go furiously looking for any Philistine’s camp to raid. That was my own form of evangelism. All of this finished for me. I began to actually cherish the Philistines. I reasoned: ‘why should we insist they leave the land?’ I began to propose a co-existence with these uncircumcised. Besides, I had put on so much weight that I could not carry myself easily about again. I had no disciple to send or any army that I have raised and taught the principles of warfare. I did not transfer the anointing to anyone. I was a loner. I was alone, now trapped between the breast and the lap of ‘Del, the Den’. When I proposed that we should have children, Delilah objected, saying the honeymoon had not finished; besides Children will interrupt our “love play” too early. Little did I know she was planning to cut me short out of the land of the living. That was why I had no descendant or do you know any of my sons that I gave birth to? My father’s name perished in Israel with me. I squandered my father’s inheritance, I left no next of kin. I was a useless son to my father and my cherished mother Manoah’s name had since been forgotten in our tribe of Dan... Delilah occupied me so much, I forgot my calling; I lost my vision and I lost contact with my people. None of them could visit me while Delilah was around, she stood at the gate and told them I was sleeping and none should disturb me. She cut me off from all who would have reinforced my life in fellowship; all who would have prayed with me, she estranged me from! She got me isolated from my roots. She so occupied me with vanities ... to be continued....”.
A friend thus replied the teaching "Delilah", can be our "romance" with a new plum job; new status; fresh and juicy political appointment; business breakthroughs! "Delilah" is still much around. Many strong men has been slain by her! Prov. 7:26”. Another one said; “Amazing thought and eye opener. Hope all who read this will learn from it. Thanks”.
WHERE To Print investigation into the OTHER SIDE of Mr. Akindele Feyisetan showed us his insatiable thirst for knowledge and his expertise in civil engineering as well as printing. Mr. Feyisetan finished his college education at renowned Olivet Baptist College, Oyo State in 1974. He then proceeded to The Polytechnic, Ibadan to study civil engineering for his Higher National Diploma [HND] in 1982. His love for artistic designs and quality prints made him pursue his dream in printing at Leeds City College, United Kingdom. According to his friends, Akindele Feyisetan is a Civil Engineer turned Graphic Artist, Printer and Publisher.
Mr. Akin Feyisetan is an active Nigerian who wants the best for his country. He is an active campaigner against poor leadership in the country who believes only righteousness can exalt a nation. During one of his good thoughts towards the country he posted this on his timeline. “MY TAKE ON POLITICIANS: The more you look, the less you see. Don't be deceived - the more hostile the oppositions during the day, the more their romance at night. My duty is just to pray so the Hand that controls the hearts of kings may steer their hearts to justice and equity”
At another point, he posted a video on his timeline on how all leaders should see their followers because everybody has a problem he or she is faced with. The video was tagged: “My 2011 Best Video for Leaders... How I pray to see in God's perspectives. I really need this Eyesight, Lord. Forget the show, makeups and packages... Everyone we meet is fighting a battle and may really need our help. 1. Let us be thankful for our status, and 2. As Godly leaders, do what Jesus would have done to them. We need a heart of compassion and love.”
Mr. Akindele is seen as an active social network user, his presence on social network can be seen instantaneously with his constant post of status, pictures and videos all of which either spreads the gospel of Christ or aimed at creating a better society and worthy lifestyle. His pictures and status receives massive likes, tags and comments from his online friends. His birthday which is always celebrated on the 10th of April always receive multiple streams of congratulatory messages on his timeline. Some of the comments on his birthday the previous year reads:
“Happy birthday to you sir, we celebrate you as you celebrate another year of your life. Ki e pe fun wa sir [meaning: may you live long sir]
Another one says:
Dear Akin, many congratulations on your birthday. May the good Lord grant you many more years. Thank you for your interest in Liberty & for all your help with the Imini School. How about joining us in Epe this Oct? Many blessings - Mum Kate.”
Another one says:
We wish you a happy birthday. We celebrate you in our family, though we are not as close as knowing each other intimately well. The little we have known of you in the past is what we hold on to, that you have known the Lord, you love Him and are growing in Him. A civil engineer turned graphic artist, printer and publisher of the word of His grace. We are part of those who followed you in the Christian Union of the Polytechnic Ibadan. Your assistance to us at the CU since then has planted you in the heart of several of us. It is just our joy that your hold on to the Anchor of our souls - Jesus firm. It is our prayer that it will hold firmly to the end. Happy birthday to you.”
Obviously one of the driving force behind the level of achievement of Mr. Akindele Feyisetan is his strong belief in “IT IS WELL”. His positive approach to all his undertakings has always yielded tremendous results and even when all is not going has planned he still believes all will be well. According to his FaceBook profile page his favourite quote is “IT IS WELL”.

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